"Der Ingenieur ist
der Gestalter
unseres Zeitalters"
"The engineer is the artist of our epoch"
-Bauhaus museum, Berlin

Hello! I am Sara.
I am a Software Engineering student by day, and a painter by night. I try to mix art and algorithms in an attempt to get this two parts of me together.

My interests range from Data Science, 3D Computer Graphics, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Algorithms to Digital Painting, Traditional Painting and Generative Art.

I like sharing my knowledge, and finding all sorts of ways to get people interested. For this purpose, I teach coding courses to children, organize workshops, and keep up a strong passion in open source software.

I also like parrots.


First month of GSoC is over!
A report. With awesome gifs.
I spent the first three weeks coding procedurally generated things in VR. I liked it. Take a look here.
Google Summer of Code with Processing update!
Getting into Google Summer of Code and/or Outreachy
A brief overview of the programs

Projects overview

Find more projects here!

VR Audioscape (August 2017)

#virtual_reality #processing #android #...
Project made during Google Summer of Code 2017 for The Processing Foundation.

VR Audioscape is a VR application made with Processing. It lets you travel through a procedural landscape generated according to music.
Play any music from any app on your phone, then run the app. It will automatically use as input any sound coming as output from the phone.

team: Me
Persistence of Vision Display (June 2017)

#art #arduino #display #...
We built a clock that displays a series of arcs representing the time by rotating very fast a single LED strip and giving the illusion that the clock is made by continuous arcs of light.
The LEDs are turned on and off with appropriate timing, so thanks to the principle of persistence of vision, the eye is under the impression that what it's seeing is not a strip of LEDs rotating, but a continuous beam.
This display was made for the 30th anniversary of Quasar Design University, Rome.

Click on the link to see a video of the display in action.

team: Me, Bruno Laurencich

Artworks overview

This is the art I make in my free time. You can see more here.