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Hello! I'm a computer science student from Rome, Italy.
This is my online curriculum: Education Awards and Talks Work Experience Skills


First month of GSoC is over!
A report. With awesome gifs.
I spent the first three weeks coding procedurally generated things in VR. I liked it. Take a look here.
Google Summer of Code with Processing update!
Getting into Google Summer of Code and/or Outreachy
A brief overview of the programs

Projects overview

Find more projects here!

Clustering Reddit - Learning from the front page of the internet (February 2017)

#python #reddit #javascript #...
In this talk, held at Data Driven Innovation 2017, I explore how to use data obtained from Reddit to better understand how the community works by applying clustering algorithms and some simple text mining techniques to the comments and submissions.

team: Me
Playmobil M*rda (January 2017)

#processing #java #global_game_jam #...
Global Game Jam 2017 submission. You are a lego frog in a lego environment, and you need to blow up your opponent by throwing bombs.

team: Me, Andrea Rosati, Andrea Barbadoro, Bruno Laurencich, Tsuneo Kurihara

Artworks overview

This is the art I make in my free time. You can see more here.


# MSc. in Computer Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome
2015 - today

# Bachelor in Computer Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome
2011 - 2015, result: 100/110

# High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifico Augusto Righi, in Rome
2006 - 2011

Awards // Talks

# Speaker at Data Driven Innovation 2017, talk: "Clustering Reddit: Learning from the Front Page of the Internet", a demonstration of some text mining techniques applied on Reddit.
article: diariodelweb
February 2017

# Speaker at Codemotion Rome 2016, talk: "You Turing Complete Me", a lesson about Turing completeness in videogames.
article: tweaknology
March 2016

# Exhibitor at Contatto, project: Reactable
June 2015

# Exhibitor at Codemotion Rome 2015, presented project: "Pico", a flying simulator for cardboard
March 2015

# 1st prize for graphics and 2nd prize for gameplay at the Global Game Jam Rome 2015
January 2015

# 1st prize at Cleanweb hackathon 2014, project: "Electric Tree", a data visualization program.
article: ilsole24ore
January 2014

# 1st prize for fun, 3rd prize for coolness at Ludum Dare 28, game: 'Clicken'. A java incremental game.
December 2013

# 3rd prize at La Scienza Narrata, a creative writing contest held by Merck-Serono.
article: la stampa
July 2010

Work Experience

# Codemotion Kids, role: Teacher
March 2015 - current

Within Codemotion Kids I did:

# Adalab, an event to encourage girls to learn coding.
May 2017

# Workshop at Maker Faire 2016, title: "Build your robot".
October 2016

# Mentor at TimGirlsHackathon Cagliari 2016
April 2016

# Course: Minecraft Modding, a course to learn the basics of logic and programming in java through Minecraft.
Course lecture notes: here
February - May 2016
October - December 2015

# Various other courses, from teaching Scratch to basic electronics.
March 2015 - May 2016

# Mentor at TimGirlsHackathon Milan 2015
November 2015

# Workshop at Maker Faire 2015
October 2015

# Mentor at Better Food for Better Energy Hackathon
October 2015

# Codemotion Kids Summer Camp 2015
June 2015

# Mentor/Organizer in a workshop at Romics 2017 : Tech My Cosplay, a workshop about using Arduino for building costume parts used for cosplay. Article: Startupitalia
April 2017

# Workshop at LPM Live Performers Meeting 2015: Video Mapping for kids.
May 2015

# Freelance Front-End Developer, various projects.


## Programming Languages:
- Python
- Javascript [d3.js, three.js, babylon.js]
- Java [Android apps, Virtual Reality, Games]
- Processing [Multimedia applications, Games, Augmented Reality]
- HTML5 / CSS3
- C++

## Software
- 2D graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, GIMP, MS Paint
- 3D graphics: Blender, Sculptris
- Office Suite
- Google Apps

## Operative systems
Windows, Unix [Arch Linux, Linux Mint]

## Skills as illustrator
- Digital media: digital painting, pixel art, 3D, low poly, vectors, web design, concept art, character design
- Traditional media: watercolors, oil painting, acrylic painting

## Other interests
Game development, Generative art, Data visualization, Reddit, Parrots