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VR Audioscape (August 2017)

#virtual_reality #processing #android #...
Project made during Google Summer of Code 2017 for The Processing Foundation.

VR Audioscape is a VR application made with Processing. It lets you travel through a procedural landscape generated according to music.
Play any music from any app on your phone, then run the app. It will automatically use as input any sound coming as output from the phone.

team: Me
Persistence of Vision Display (June 2017)

#art #arduino #display #...
We built a clock that displays a series of arcs representing the time by rotating very fast a single LED strip and giving the illusion that the clock is made by continuous arcs of light.
The LEDs are turned on and off with appropriate timing, so thanks to the principle of persistence of vision, the eye is under the impression that what it's seeing is not a strip of LEDs rotating, but a continuous beam.
This display was made for the 30th anniversary of Quasar Design University, Rome.

Click on the link to see a video of the display in action.

team: Me, Bruno Laurencich
Clustering Reddit - Learning from the front page of the internet (February 2017)

#python #reddit #javascript #...
In this talk, held at Data Driven Innovation 2017, I explore how to use data obtained from Reddit to better understand how the community works by applying clustering algorithms and some simple text mining techniques to the comments and submissions.

team: Me
Playmobil M*rda (January 2017)

#processing #java #global_game_jam #...
Global Game Jam 2017 submission. You are a lego frog in a lego environment, and you need to blow up your opponent by throwing bombs.

team: Me, Andrea Rosati, Andrea Barbadoro, Bruno Laurencich, Tsuneo Kurihara
QR-VR (October 2016)

#javascript #three.js #...
Template for implementing Virtual Reality in a mobile browser. Aimed at easily distributing VR apps at events without the need to download and install an app. Features the possibility to play videos, insert text areas and menus. Based on three.js.

team: Me, Bruno Laurencich
Hypercar Drifter (September 2016)

#javascript #three.js #blender #...
Hypercar Drifter is a runner game in which you drive a flying car into a tunnel full of obstacles. As you go, your speed increases and more obstacles are spawned, adding difficulty to the game. If you hit an obstacle, the game is over and you have to restart from the beginning. The goal is to get as far as you can without hitting anything.

team: Me, Alessio Lentini, Lorenzo Travagliati
You Turing Complete Me (March 2016)

#turing_completeness #codemotion #...
Turing Completeness is a set of characteristics that makes any language able to be used to build a Turing machine, therefore to be used to write any program or define another programming language. Such characteristics are so simple that they can be found in unexpected places like videogames. "You Turing Complete Me" is a talk that explores weird Turing Complete places, including Pokémon and Minecraft.

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
Reactable (June 2015)

#music #processing #java #...
The Reactable is a round translucent table, used in a darkened room, and appears as a backlit display. By placing blocks on the table, and interfacing with the visual display via the tangibles or fingertips, a virtual modular synthesizer is operated, creating music or sound effects. Implementation of Exhibited at CONTATTO 2015.

team: Me, Bruno Laurencich
PicoVR (March 2015)

#java #android #opengl #...
An Android game that displays the capabilities of Google Cardboard by letting the player fly around in a virtual world, using an Android phone as virtual reality device and two wii controllers to simulate the movements of the wings. Exhibited at Codemotion Rome 2015

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
Creative Brains (January 2015)

#java #android #soap #...
A multiplayer online quiz game for Android.

team: Me, Kevin Ravasi, Marco Agrippino, Cristian Dragoiu
Poopfest (January 2015)

#global_game_jam #processing #java #...
Small experiment with watercolour graphics. A game in which 2-4 players fight each other as birds. 1st prize for graphics and 2nd prize for gameplay at Global Game Jam Rome 2015

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
The Cathedral (December 2014)

#java #processing #incremental #...
Help Russian people build an enormous cathedral, in the style of 1500's cathedrals with their colorful domes! Collect resources with mines and mills, get help from your workers through the use of faith and by providing them a place to stay. Unlock more buildings and more space, and develop a small town, while building the most glorious cathedral. Surprise at the end of the game!

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
How To Adventure (August 2014)

#javascript #three.js #json #...
an RPG game with voxel graphics

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
Electric Tree (March 2014)

#java #processing #data_science #...
a creative data visualization program, winner of the Cleanweb contest 2014

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
OMNOMNOM (February 2014)

#three.js #javascript #3d #...
A game about a fish that grows by eating other fishes

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo
Clicken (December 2013)

#ludum_dare #processing #java #...
An incremental game about having a barn. 6th prize overall and 1st prize in the fun category in Ludum Dare 28

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo

#java #processing #ludum_dare #...
a java game

team: Me, Luca Di Bartolomeo, Carlo Luteri