Awards, Talks and Exhibitions

# Awarded with Excellence Path at Sapienza University of Rome
January 2018

# Speaker at Machine Learning/Data Science Meetup Roma, talk: "Raiders of the lost reviews" [notebook/slides]
December 2017

# Speaker at Linux Day Rome 2017, talk: "Let there be light: Introduction to GLSL" [slides]
October 2017
Computer graphics is not only a field for artists: math and coding are fundamental in the steps between the creation of a 3D model and its visual representation. GLSL is a programming language to instruct the graphics card on how to represent a 3D scene. Understanding GLSL lets us create renderings as we want them. During the workshop, we will explore the details of the rendering process, understand what is a shader and how it works, and we will write one to render a 3D scene.

# Speaker at Google Developer Groups DevFest Bari 2017, talk: "You Turing Complete Me", a lesson about Turing completeness in videogames. [slides]
October 2017

# Speaker at Campus Party 2017, talk: "You Turing Complete Me", a lesson about Turing completeness in videogames. [slides]
Turing Completeness is a set of characteristics that makes any language able to be used to build a Turing machine, therefore to be used to write any program or define another programming language. Such characteristics are so simple that they can be found in unexpected places like videogames. ”You Turing Complete Me” is a talk that explores weird Turing Complete places, including Pokémon and Minecraft.
July 2017

# Exhibitor at "Crack! Fumetti Dirompenti" as illustrator.
June 2017

# Speaker at Data Driven Innovation 2017, talk: "Clustering Reddit: Learning from the Front Page of the Internet", a demonstration of some text mining techniques applied on Reddit. [slides]
In this talk, held at Data Driven Innovation 2017, I explored how to use data obtained from Reddit to better understand how the community works. I applied clustering algorithms and some simple text mining techniques to the comments and submissions.
article: diariodelweb
February 2017

# Speaker at Codemotion Rome 2016, talk: "You Turing Complete Me", a lesson about Turing completeness in videogames. [slides]
article: tweaknology
March 2016

# Exhibitor at Contatto, project: Reactable
The Reactable is a round translucent table, used in a darkened room, and appears as a backlit display. By placing blocks on the table, and interfacing with the visual display via the tangibles or fingertips, a virtual modular synthesizer is operated, creating music or sound effects.
June 2015

# Exhibitor at Codemotion Rome 2015, showcasing project: "Pico", a flying simulator for cardboard
An Android game that displays the capabilities of Google Cardboard by letting the player fly around in a virtual world, using an Android phone as virtual reality device and two wii controllers to simulate the movements of the wings.
March 2015

# 1st prize for graphics and 2nd prize for gameplay at the Global Game Jam Rome 2015
January 2015

# 1st prize at Cleanweb hackathon 2014, project: "Electric Tree", a data visualization program.
article: ilsole24ore
January 2014

# 1st prize for fun, 3rd prize for coolness at Ludum Dare 28, game: 'Clicken'. A java incremental game.
gameplay on youtube
December 2013

# 3rd prize at La Scienza Narrata, a creative writing contest held by Merck-Serono.
article: la stampa
July 2010