Work Experience

# Mentor at Google Summer of Code for The Processing Foundation.
Mentoring William, who is working on his awesome project, APDE, a Processing IDE that runs on Android.
May 2018 - ongoing

# Developer at Google Summer of Code for The Processing Foundation.
I developed a VR application to showcase the capabilities of Processing on Android.
June - September 2017

# Codemotion Kids, role: Teacher
March 2015 - current

I taught the basics of coding to children aged 7 to 17, by using games and creativity in an educational way.
The courses I taught used Scratch, Blender, Arduino, Minecraft, Processing, Python, Lego Mindstorms.
I designed several of the courses, trained other teachers and produced games and applications for kids for various events by Codemotion.

Relevant work during codemotion:

# Mercedes Benz Ludotech
September 2017

# Adalab, an event to encourage girls to learn coding.
May 2017

# Workshop at Maker Faire 2016, title: "Build your robot".
October 2016

# Mentor at TimGirlsHackathon Cagliari 2016
April 2016

# Course: Minecraft Modding, a course to learn the basics of logic and programming in java through Minecraft.
Course lecture notes: here
February - May 2016
October - December 2015

# Various other courses, from teaching Scratch to basic electronics.
March 2015 - May 2016

# Mentor at TimGirlsHackathon Milan 2015
November 2015

# Workshop at Maker Faire 2015
October 2015

# Mentor at Better Food for Better Energy Hackathon
October 2015

# Codemotion Kids Summer Camp 2015
June 2015

# Mentor/Organizer in a workshop at Romics 2017 : Tech My Cosplay, a workshop about using Arduino for building costume parts used for cosplay. Article: Startupitalia
April 2017

# Workshop at LPM Live Performers Meeting 2015: Video Mapping for kids.
May 2015

# Freelance Front-End Developer, various projects.