# Sparqling A graphical tool to write SPARQL queries.
## [Demo](https://picorana.github.io/sparqling/) ● [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vla5h8W5sg&feature=youtu.be) ● [Docs/tutorial](https://picorana.github.io/sparqling/docs_index.html) ● [github](https://github.com/picorana/sparqling) ## Table of contents - [Usage](#usage) - [Documentation index](#documentation-index) - [Contribute](#contribute) - [Disclaimer](#disclaimer) ## Usage Clone the repository with git clone https://github.com/picorana/sparqling Then import app.js and the css style in your graphol html visualization: After importing the script, initialize it with var ps = new Sparqling(graph); in which `graph` is an instance of a GrapholScape graph. An example graphol visualization can be found here: [GrapholScape](https://gianluca-pepe.github.io/GrapholScape/) A working demo of this project can be found here: [demo](https://picorana.github.io/sparqling/) CDN: https://rawgit.com/picorana/sparqling/master/css/style.css https://rawgit.com/picorana/sparqling/master/dist/sparqling_min.js ## Documentation index - [sparqling.coffee](./coffee/sparqling.html) - [sparqling_graph.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_graph.html) - [sparqling_link.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_link.html) - [sparqling_menu.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_menu.html) - [sparqling_navbar.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_navbar.html) - [sparqling_context_menu.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_context_menu.html) - [sparqling_alert.coffee](./coffee/sparqling_alert.html) - [sparql_text.coffee](./coffee/sparql_text.html) - [query_line.coffee](./coffee/query_line.html) - [query_filter.coffee](./coffee/query_filter.html) - [hl_box.coffee](./coffee/hl_box.html) - [void.coffee](./coffee/void.html) - [style.coffee](./coffee/style.html) - [constants.coffee](./coffee/constants.html) ## Contribute Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/picorana/sparqling and run node install that will take care of downloading the dev dependencies. Then run gulp in the base project directory. The default behaviour of gulp is to watch for changes in the `.coffee ` folder and recompile the coffee files, bundling them into sparqling.js. You can force `gulp` to just build once with `gulp build` or to watch for changes with `gulp watch` The project is developed in `coffeescript`, and the source files are contained in the `coffee` folder of this repository. `gulp` is used to compile coffeescript to javascript and to bundle the project files together with the third party libraries. The final result is stored in the `dist` folder. ## Disclaimer Based on [GrapholScape](https://github.com/gianluca-pepe/GrapholScape) by [gianluca-pepe](https://github.com/gianluca-pepe). Developed with [cytoscape.js](http://js.cytoscape.org) in [coffeescript](http://coffeescript.org) Supported by [OBDA Systems](https://www.obdasystems.com).